Eureka! The National Childrens Museum

Running for 7 years, our Saturday sessions are the place to be to play your favourite PC games such as Roblox and Minecraft with your friends in a safe, supportive environment.

We are open 10-4 and the sessions are suitable for ages 6-16.

Spread over 2 rooms this 5 day event was part of Royal Armouries winter half -term "wargaming:" event.

In the news room was a 20 PC Minecraft event featuring PVP games as well as some creative worlds for the less combative participants.

Downstairs in the war room we had a 10 laptop set up featuring a variety of games and puzzles set around cyber security and digital warfare environments.

Eureka! The National Childrens Museum invited us down to run their first ever Minecraft event, with 20 networked PCs in one of their exhibition spaces.

With the theme of Superheros we ran a daily creative build challenge and helped children, parents and carers use their skills and imagination to create some wonderful builds.

We have since been back to help run some smaller workshops around coding in Minecraft and a little bit of glitch art.

The main event at the 2017 festival, Krash Labs was commissioned to recreate Scarborough in the block based world of Minecraft.

Over a 9 month period the team at Krash Labs with the help of members of the public at building sessions in Krash Labs, local schools and community groups created many of the famous landmarks of Scarborough including Scarborough Castle, Peasholm Park, the Foreshaw arcades and the railway station.

Over the weekend the team took over the Grand Hall in The Spa and welcomed over 3000 visitors to explore the digital world supported by DJs, lightning and video. Check it out at on youtube.

Organised by the UK Cyber Security Challenge, Neuro Cyber 2 was a specialist event targeting improving Neurodiversity within the Cyber Security workforce.

Krash Labs were asked to provide one of the actitivites for the young people who attended and we created a custom steganography challenge.  (Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video).

Our CEO Guy Baumann was also invited to give a talk to the visiting professionals and representatives about his experiences and challenges working with Neurodivergent young people.

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LATEST NEWS: We have some funded sessions on a Monday 4-6 for children and young people with SEND. Please contact us by email if you are interested.

Krash Labs is a gaming and technology community interest company aimed at kids and young adults.

We come to any location and create a customised event to suit a theme, time, location or skill.

Custom Events

Krash Labs have a range of gaming options to suit you and your venue. We can come to any location and support existing exhibitions or one off events.

If you are exploring History, we can build an ancient world in Minecraft; if you are looking at cyber security we can create custom challenges to meet your objectives; if you would simply like to attract a new, younger audience we have lots of ideas - see below for examples.

Because we specialise in supporting those labelled as neurodivergent, we can help you deliver diversiy into your organisation.

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